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Module 1 - Overview


By the end of module 1, the learner will ....

  • Become aware of their ranked Agilities

  • Summarize the value of integrating Agilities into their work

  • Understand with the right experiences, Agilities may grow and develop over time

  • Evaluate strategies to help participants decode their Agile Work Profiler results

Module 2 - Value Proposition

Module 2 - Value Proposition


By the end of module 2, the learner will ....

  • Discover the value proposition the Agile Work Profiler has to offer participants

  • Explain the value proposition the Agilities framework has for the individual

Module 3 - Agility Advantage


By the end of module 3, the learner will ....

  • Discover the difference between an informed and an uninformed career decision-maker

  • Examine the Agility Advantage Career Development model

  • Evaluate how the Agility Advantage enhances their work with the individuals they serve

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Module 4 - Abilities to Agilities


By the end of module 4, the learner will ....

  • Understand and differentiate between the different Agilties 

  • Learn how to play the game, Abilities to Agilities

  • Create scenarios that could be solved using any Agility

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Module 5 - Career Explorer Tools©


By the end of module 5, the learner will ....

  • Build awareness and affirmation of career pathways linked to Agilities

  • Build awareness of data linked to careers such as demand, income, alternate job titles, and education

  • Synthesize how to integrate career tools into their environments effectively

Module 6 - Résumés and Interviews


By the end of module 6, the learner will ....

  • Apply the Agilities into sections of a résumé

  • Examine how to use Agility language in an interview to their advantage

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Module 7- Draw Your Future with Agilities


By the end of module 7, the learner will ....

  • Activate drawing and incorporate Agilities to elevate goal-setting

  • Observe how to facilitate a creative goal-setting activity

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