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Utilizing Agilities posters around the Agilities encourages individuals to utilize the concepts as well as to remind you as the leader of the value of creating this culture. 


Consistently incorporating, drawing attention to, and calling out Agilities in action in addition to using the visuals as a support encourages individuals to engage with the concepts and reinforces an Agility culture. 

Table of Contents

Leveraging Your Agilities 

This is a 24x36-sized poster.

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Do You Know Your Agilities?

This is a 24x36-sized poster.

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Agility Poster (Legal Size)

These posters highlight each Agility and are used in the Agilities Walk activity. They are formatted to print on legal-sized paper. They could be integrated into many cooperative learning activities. 

small agility poster_do.png

Agilities Cards (4X6)

Use these cards to assign Agilities to users to solve scenarios in the game. These cards also have keywords on them to help the user activate the Agility.

small agility cards.png
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